Vendor List 2022

Please note that this is not a complete list of vendors.

See below for information on unlisted vendors.

Denis Allison

Antique Dolls - 1860-1980 French-German-American


Luisa Alessandrini

Reproduction Miniature Dolls and Crocheted Dresses


Nancy Baguley

Antique & Vintage Dolls & American Girl Clothing


Chip Barkel

Antique Dolls

Kimberley & Gary Bullard

Vintage and Antique dolls


Shelly Byman

Barbies, Vintage Dolls and Clothing


Diane Chappell – Doll MD

Antique & Collectible Dolls & Doll Repairs


Edythe Diebel

Antique Dolls & Collectibles and Doll Repairs


Ann Maria Grech & Terry Brown

Fashion Dolls & Clothes – Tonner, Gene & Barbies


Janet Gula

Antique Dolls & accessories


Ragamuffins - Mary Ann Lang

Vintage & Antique Dolls


Darcy Lynn

Children's Toys & Collectibles







Judy Lobb

Dolls, Books, Buggies & Clothing


Fuzzy Bum Bears – Shirley MacLeod

Teddy Bears and Other Critters


Wade Meyers

Barbies etc.


Lindsay B- Lindsay Moniz

Antique, Vintage & Modern Dolls plus Accessories


Neche Nursery – Lana Niemi

Reborn Babies, Accessories & Ashton Drake Dolls


The Doll Lady – Marlene Pfeil

​Antique and Collectable Dolls, Bears and Accessories


Carol Ruggles

​Antique Dolls, Clothing, & Related Items


Grand Babies - ​Norah Stoner

Antique Dolls & Accessories


Feather Your Nest - Irene Van Horsen

Doll, Bears, Toys and Related Items


Joyce Whittle

Antique & Vintage Dolls & Accessories


Kristine’s Reborn Angels - Treena Williams

Silicone & Viny Babies






Plus 7 Vendors Selling the following:

  • Paper Dolls

  • BJDs

  • Books

  • Children's China

  • Teddy Bears

  • Doll Clothing

  • Doll House Accessories

Types of doll available at the Greater Toronto Doll Show